Fingerprint Authentication in Google

Fingerprint authentication in Google products – Goodbye Passwords
Google is about to get rid of passwords, confirmed password replacements 1.7 billion Android users

Passwords are now getting difficult to remember. Not only difficult but also they’re no longer secure. You’ll be shocked that even now the most used password is 123456. People still use such passwords until now. The only reason is that we can not remember complicated passwords. We’ve already discussed everything about passwords. In that article, I’ve explained strong passwords. But now Google is all set to get rid of passwords. As a result, we have the fingerprint authentication in Google.

Fingerprint authentication in Google

Google already confirmed the password replacement of 1.7b users. Google announced this in a security blog. According to the blog, now authentication will be easy than ever. You can use your fingerprint or screen lock for authentication. The service is available only for the Google password manager. But soon we’ll have a password-free Google.

Google is not the only company in this race. Microsoft has also taken a step towards password-free technology. Not only these but also WhatsApp beta is now testing the same feature. This new way of authentication is no doubt easier. But it’s also more secure as compared to passwords. With day by day innovations, passwords are getting older. They’re no more secure but way more vulnerable. With fingerprint authentication in Google, one will need his finger’s impression to use Google products. You can also use your screen locks, like the pin, pattern or face lock. This all became possible because of the FIDO Alliance.

FIDO Alliance

First Identity Online is an industry with a mission to solve password problems. FIDO is focused on using open standards for driving technologies. FIDO wants to ensure a more secure and password-free tech space. The fingerprint authentication in Google, Microsoft, and WhatsApp is also a result of this alliance. Google, Microsoft and many other companies are in a collaboration with FIDO and W3C.

We’ll soon notice this change in Android 7 and higher versions.