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Free services for a whole week by YouTube TV

YouTube TV is offering the subscribers a free service for the whole week. YouTube says it an apology to our subscribers who have to suffer due to server outage during world cup match. The services on YouTube TV went down during the England vs Croatia World Cup semifinal match. The worst part was that the server was down at the height of the game. That’s why YouTube understood users’ inconvenience. Therefore, to apologize, the company is now offering its subscribers a free week of service. According to a Reddit thread, users are reporting that the email showed up in their Spam folder, so check there if you think you might receive the discount. It’s not clear whether every YouTube TV subscriber is receiving this offer or just people who initially reached out to the company. The pay adjustment should come out to between $8 and $10 off users’ bills.

This is not the first time when YouTube TV spoiled a major sporting event. This also happened during the NBA Eastern Conference Finals. The service went down during the match and subscribers had to miss the moments. That’s not a good record for YouTube TV. But the company assured that they are making the services better.