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Google is Down – Google faces the biggest outage
Google faces the biggest outage on its various services. Gmail, YouTube, Google cloud service infected

Google is right now the biggest search engine. Not only a search engine but the company offers many other services. Some of the popular services are Gmail, video hosting platform YouTube, Google cloud service, Google maps, and many others. But what if Google is down? Yes, it happened recently. Google was facing some outage issues some hours ago. The outage was reported mostly in Asian and American regions.

Is Google Down? What services faced the issue?

Users on Outage reporting sites like DownDetector reported the issue. Also, users are reporting the issue on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. When our team heard about the outage, we checked different sources to confirm it. We found tweets and outage reports. Also, the G-Suite Status Dashboard also confirms the outage. Here are some stats and reports.

G Suite Status Dashboard report:

Google Outage Staus on GSuite Staus Dashboard
Google Outage Status on GSuite Staus Dashboard
Gmail Outage - GSuite Status dashboard
Gmail Outage – GSuite Status dashboard

You can check all the reports yourself by visiting G Suite Status Dashboard.

Twitter Reports by users:

Trend: #googledown

You can find a lot of tweets following the hashtags mentioned above.

Reports on DownDetector:

Google Outage reported on DownDetector



As you can see not only the tech giant but also many other big services like Crunchyroll, spectrum, Snapchat, etc were also down. We’ll bring a detailed report as soon as we get some more information about it.