Google Maps: Loses Some Features on Old Android Devices

Google Maps Loses Some Features on Old Android Devices
Google Maps Loses Some Features on Old Android Devices

Google Maps is a popular mapping service that has been used by millions of people across the globe. People use it for directions, traffic updates, and more. Recently Google decided to remove some features from its application on old Android devices in order to speed up load times and fix bugs. This decision upset many users who were unhappy with this change but Google did not back down and will not be reversing their decision any time soon.

However, these devices are running super-old versions of the Android operating system, including Gingerbread. That version was released in 2010 and stopped receiving updates years ago to make room for the newest versions of Android.

But it’s also no surprise that some cheap no-name devices are stuck with older Android versions that are no longer being updated so Google’s decision may have been justified.

However, people who truly rely on Google Maps will be able to continue using it through web browsers or other apps that were not affected by the change. Beginning September 27, however, they will not be able to use it as a stand-alone app.

A big name in the tech industry, Google has been around for decades and is constantly growing. Android devices running on older versions of the operating system may need to find other apps or services because their old version of Maps no longer works as a stand-alone application after September 27. However everyone else should be fine going forward since they can continue to use Google Maps through browsers or other third party applications which were unaffected by this change.

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