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Google tracks our location? Disabling Google Location

Google tracks our location. Only when we allow it to track us. But it is tracking us without our permission. How and why? Let’s discuss.

Most of us know about google location. How Google helps us to track our phone location?. We often use Google maps to get specific locations or to track down where we are. Even many apps run on Google location base to give us a better user experience. Most of the times, the weather report in our Android phone. It is also possible due to Google location.

For my friends who don’t have more knowledge about Google location services. Let me make it simple. Whenever you Buy an Android smartphone. There is a feature, that most of us turn off. The feature is the Location. That’s the simplest example of Google map and location service.

How Google Tracks Us?

Have you ever tried to track your self or any place using google map? This feature works when you have turned on the location feature. But why I’m talking about it if we can easily turn off a feature? Exactly there is a point in all that discussion. Google can track us even if our location settings are off. How? let me give you a common example. Most of the Android phones have the “Find my Phone application.” If this application is enabled. You can track your phone by your Gmail account logged in your Android.

Google tracks us
Google tracks us

Even if the location feature is turned off. How does it happen? You can turn off the location feature from the mobile device. But there is one more thing. That’s your very own Gmail account. We always have a Gmail account logged in our phone. Google tracks us very easily using this account.

Now here is my today’s topic. Is Google really tracking us? The answer is yes. Google is tracking our location and this location is saved in Google servers. But I don’t allow Google to use my location. Then how dare Google to track me. They gave me the authority to turn off my location. Why do they track me illegally? Don’t be so upset. We already allowed Google to use our location services whenever we create a Gmail account. Well, this is a separate discussion. We’ll discuss it in the end with the solution.

Why Google uses our location?

When Google was asked about tracking person’s location when the feature is off. Google replied that they do so to provide a better user experience. Google tracks the user location because it helps us to give the user what he needs. It improves the Google search results and experience according to our preferences. But there are many negative uses of this service. One of the biggest disadvantages is Data Mining. By our location, and our surfing behavior, companies sell our choice information. This information is used to grow businesses and know about public choice. There can be many negative uses also. We will discuss Data Mining in a Separate article. In short, our location can be misused in many ways.


How can we prevent location tracking?

As I told you in the beginning, actually we allow our Google Account to keep our location saved. This location history is saved with Google through our Activity. The account activity keeps a track of whatever we search on the internet and our location history. To tackle this, there is a very easy method. Google gets permission to keep your record. But mostly we don’t even notice the permissions and their importance.

To know about your activity and select the permissions. You need to visit and there you can find everything about your account. You can also do it just by going to your account details in Google my account. Now to turn off your location completely you need to follow these steps:

  1. Go to
  2. Click on the Activity Controls option
  3. Here you can find what activities are recorded by Google.
  4. Now turn off location history and if you want to turn any other option off, you can do it from here.

That’s it. You’ve disallowed Google from tracking your anymore.