Instagram rolls out video selfie verification feature

Instagram Video Selfie Verification

Instagram Video Selfie Verification Feature Goes Live. Instagram, the photo-sharing platform owned by Meta (formally Facebook Inc) is currently the 2nd most used Social Media platform. Like any other popular social media site, fake accounts are also a headache for Instagram as well. To counter spam and fake accounts, Instagram introduced different verification methods in the past. Starting with photo verification to submitting an ID, nothing stopped fake accounts. In a recent attempt to limit spam on the platform, Instagram rolled out a new verification Feature.

Instagram Video Selfie Verification

Instagram will now use Video Selfie Verification to confirm users’ identities. This new feature requires new users to verify their identity by providing a short selfie video clip. Social Media Consultant Tweeted:

The video will be used by Instagram’s AI algorithm to confirm that you’re a real person. In the video, the users need to “turn their head in different directions” to give an all-around view of their faces. But that sounds like a privacy risk, right? Meta can collect this facial data.

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Will Instagram store and use Video Selfie Verification’s facial data?

As mentioned in the tweet, Meta promises not to collect any biometric data. Also, the video will never be visible on Instagram. Instagram will automatically delete the video within 30 days. Moreover, Meta will not use its facial recognition technology. So we can expect the tech giant not to use our biometric data for its facial recognition system.

Instagram first tested this feature back in August last year. But it was immediately taken down due to technical issues. Right now, it looks like Instagram is requiring a video selfie verification for newly created accounts only. So existing Instagram accounts aren’t seeing a prompt to verify their identity just yet. However, the platform might roll it out for all users soon.


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