Install PUBG (players unknown battle ground) Mobile in PC

PUBG (Players Unknown Battleground) is one of the world’s most played games right now. Everyone knows how awesome game PUBG is. But most people can’t afford to buy a steam account. Somehow you manage a steam account but then you don’t have a computer that fulfills those requirements for PUBG. So the wish to play PUBG is buried inside. PUBG’s full version for PC is for 20$. It’s not much price but some people don’t have credit cards or other problems. If you are searching to play  PUBG for free in PC, so your search ends here. There are many ways to install PUBG mobile in PC. It needs a normal 4GB RAM PC or Laptop.

PUBG mobile on Bluestack consume more RAM and CPU.
PUBG mobile on Bluestack consumes more RAM and CPU.

Install PUBG Mobile on PC:

You can install an Android emulator to play PUBG mobile. But if we install any Android emulator it definitely consumes more ram. So I’d recommend you to install Tencent Gaming Buddy. It is the official PUBG Mobile Emulator for PC. It’s lite as compared to other emulators. That’s why I prefer installing the  Tencent Pubg Emulator. It is better than android emulator like Bluestack, Nox and other. Download the Tencent Pubg Emulator, after download complete open the setup and click yes. The next step will be installation process which will look like

tecent gaming buddy PUBG
Tecent gaming buddy PUBG

As we can see there is an install button. Just click on that and wait until it downloads. The download file is more than 1 GB, maybe 1.4GB I guess. So it will take some time depending on your internet connection. Mostly people complaining that their PUBG mobile is lagging too much. Did you know what’s the reason behind lagging?

Just because they are using Android emulators and they installed PUBG mobile in it. As everyone knows Android Emulator is also an OS (Operating System) which eat more ram then Tencent Emulator so I would recommend Tecent Gaming Buddy PUBG emulator.

PUBG Mobile Gameplay
PUBG Mobile Gameplay

That’s it. You’re done with installation. Don’t worry, the picture above is gameplay when you just step into PUBG emulator. You’re not going to use the mouse as a touch screen assistance. The game can be controlled with a keyboard like any other PC game.

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