iPadOS 14 Apple pencil Scribble feature

iPadOS 14 Scribble Feature
The most enticing and interesting feature of iPadOS 14

iPadOS 14 Scribble Feature

Along with other features, Apple has updated its Apple pencil features by introducing an additional iPadOS 14 Scribble feature. This is the most enticing and interesting feature of iPadOS 14.

iPadOS 14 Scribble features let you convert your handwriting into a perfect and even typed text . It doesn’t matter how bad the handwriting you have. Apple’s latest machine learning functionalities have made it possible and easier to understand and convert it into texts.

Write-in any text fields, that support  keyboard,
and pause for a while so that Scribble can convert it into text.

How Scribble feature was developed for iPadOS 14?

Craig Federighi, Apple’s senior vice president of Software Engineering, in an interview with Popular Mechanics, explained how Scribble was developed for iPadOS 14.

“When it comes to understanding [handwriting] strokes, we do data-gathering. We find people all over the world, and have them write things,” says Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple. “We give them a Pencil, and we have them write fast, we have them write slow, write at a tilt. All of this variation.”

That methodology is distinct from the comparatively simple approach of scanning and analyzing existing handwriting. Federighi says that for Apple’s tech, static examples weren’t enough. They needed to see the strokes that formed each letter. “If you understand the strokes and how the strokes went down, that can be used to disambiguate what was being written.”

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Interesting features of  Scribble

Shape recognition feature

Shape recognition is another delightful feature of the iPadOS 14 ‘s Scribble.
Draw distinct shapes such as circle, square, star, and rectangle, etc, with your Apple pencil Scribble, will convert it automatically into accurate and even shapes.

Select, Add and Remove spaces

The scribble feature has made it simpler.
If you want to copy a text all you need to do is that draw a circle around that particular word or paragraph and pause for a while. The required text will be copied automatically.

By drawing a vertical line in between the text where you need to add and remove space.
Spece will either be created or removed in case you want to join the text.

What if you forget inserting text?

Well, that’s easy far more easy to insert any missing text with Scribble. Place your pencil in the middle of the text where you may want to insert and then pause. Scribble will create a room for your text in the text field where you can add the missing content.

Deleting the text with iPadOS 14 Scribble feature

Deleting the text with iPadOS 14  Scribble is more enchanting. Scratch the text vertically or horizontally with your Apple pencil and clear your text field of unwanted texts. This feature is quite more appealing.

How to enable the iPadOS 14 Scribble feature?

To enable this feature go to settings and scroll down to the Apple pencil.
Turn on the toggle next to Apple pencil and your scribble feature will turn on.
From here you can disable the Scribble feature as well, but once your toggle turned green you wouldn’t turn to gray.

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