iPhone 11 release date leaked
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iPhone 11 release date leaked by an accident
SoftBank’s CEO and President accidentally leaked iPhone 11 release date during an interview

We are all aware of Apple’s old deja vu with leaks and rumors. It happens every time we expect a big release. The same happened multiple times with iPhone 11. Most of you must know a lot about iPhone through these leaks. But the biggest news was still in the darkness. The question every iPhone lover is curious about is when iPhone 11 will release. So finally it’s no more a secret. The release date of the iPhone 11 leaked accidentally. This became possible because of SoftBank’s president.

iPhone 11 release date leaked

The news was first picked up by a Japanese website Mac Otakara. SoftBank’s president and CEO Mr. Ken Miyauchi is responsible for this leak. In a briefing when he was answering questions, he slipped the iPhone release date. SoftBank is one of the important suppliers and partners of Apple. Mr. Ken unintentionally announced the iPhone release date during SoftBank’s quarterly earnings report.

Ken Miyauchi, president of SoftBank was answering a question about new telecom business law. The law can delay the sales of phones in Japan. That’s when Ken said a new Japanese telecom business law is coming on October 10.  Therefore, the company would have only 10 days after the launch of the iPhone 11 to start its own sales. This confirms that iPhone 11 is entering the market in the 3rd week of September. It’s supposed that it’ll launch on 20th September.

If we look at previous dates of the iPhone launch. We’ve more reasons to believe this date. Previous releases of the iPhone show towards this date. They released iPhone XS on Friday, September 21. Whereas iPhone X (Friday, September 22), iPhone 7 (Friday, September 16), iPhone 6S (Friday, September 25), etc.

Well, let’s wait for an official confirmation. Apple has issued no official confirmation about the iPhone 11 release. But this slip by SoftBank’s president is a big leak about the release.