Learn Programming free of cost – SoloLearn app review

Are you interested in coding? Wanna learn a programming language? But don’t have enough money to buy a course? Don’t worry then, we have a perfect solution for you. SoloLearn is an online community for mobile coders. Here we’re going to tell you about this awesome platform. But before we proceed let me tell you one thing. This review is based on personal experiences. The review is not sponsored and it’s unbiased. Let’s get started!

SoloLearn: Learn to code for free

The app is best for those who are new to programming. If you’re someone who just wants to get started. You can start with SoloLearn. It is an online platform including apps for Android and iOS. Not only those but you can also learn using the website. Before we go to the review, let me introduce you to its features.

Features and courses

The most interesting thing about SoloLearn is that its available for multiple platforms. You can use SoloLearn on your Android. Oh, you got an iPhone? No problem. You can find the app in your App Store also. Don’t want to use it on the phone? Then you can learn online through SoloLearn website. It offers many interesting features and a lot of courses.

SoloLearn Website
SoloLearn Website


  • Learning Environments
    • Crowd learning:
      SoloLearn provides you a socializing feature also. You can connect with fellow coders and participate in challenges.
    • Learn by doing:
      You can practice your coding skills anytime on the SoloLearn
    • Unbound learning:
      It’s all about you. You can decide how much, where and when to learn.
    • Learn while playing:
      SoloLearn has many coding challenges and games to participate. You can play to learn more and get more experience.
  • Share your knowledge:
    You can share your knowledge also. One can create lessons according to his expertise.
  • Mobile code editor:
    SoloLearn offers a free editor where you can write and run your code.
  • Support service:
    It also provides 24/7 free support. You can contact whenever you’ve got an issue.


  1. Web Development, including HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, JQuery
  2. Python
  3. Java
  4. Kotlin
  5. C++
  6. C
  7. C#
  8. PHP
  9. SQL
  10. Algorithms & Data Structures
  11. Ruby
  12. Machine Learning
  13. Design Patterns
  14. Swift
  15. Git

And there are many other lessons to improve your skills.

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I started using SoloLearn when I was learning web development basics. Due to the shortage of time, I wanted a mobile app to learn. I searched Google PlayStore and found SoloLearn in editor’s choice. Here is my review of SoloLearn. I completed HTML, CSS, JS, Python, PHP, and C++ here. So here are the pros and cons of the platform.


  1. The app is best for beginners to learn to code for free.
  2. Lots of features we discussed above help the user to explore more.
  3. Code Playground and different challenges.
  4. Built-in IDE for practicing skills and saving your codes.
  5. Comments with every lesson to explore more about the topic.
  6. Easy and simple language to teach.
  7. A simple and attractive user interface and learning environment.
  8. Tests and exercises. You must pass the test to unlock the new lecture.


  1. It’s very basic. As mentioned in the description, it is not that advanced.
  2. Has errors in the lectures, which can be corrected by reading comments.
  3. Contains ads, but you can buy the Pro version.
  4. Many courses are explained in short ways. You’ve to do your own practice and search to explore them more.
  5. In short, you’re not served in the plate. They teach you how to cook. You’ve to explore more dishes to increase experience.


The SoloLearn content keeps changing. Maybe you won’t find some of the courses mentioned in the article.

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