Massive Data Breach of Twitch Reveals Source Code, Proprietary SDKs and More

Twitch hacked
Twitch hacked

The latest data breach is a huge one. Twitch, the video game streaming giant, has confirmed that they have been hacked. The leaker took their source code, creator payouts, and other internal data. The leaker also said they took unreleased software and the hacking tools used by the company to stress-test its own network from security threats.

This story was first reported on Tuesday (but was widely circulated on Wednesday). It’s still unclear how much of this information was actually taken by the hacker(s) or if it had all been publicly available before now.

The hacker claims to have taken source code used by Twitch developers and SDKs (software development kits), letting them integrate Twitch.

Twitch has already confirmed the breach in a tweet on Wednesday. They said, “We can confirm a breach has taken place.” They also said that the team is working on the case and will update the community as soon as possible.

The latest breach is a huge one. Also, It has not been confirmed what information the hacker(s) took from Twitch. However, they claimed that they have taken source code used by developers and SDKs, which let them integrate Twitch into their apps and services.

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Streamers Confirmed:

This hack is severe. Because the leaker claims to have stolen unreleased software as well as hacking tools. Those are used for stress testing its own network against security threats. Many Twitch streamers have confirmed that the leaked data is 100% accurate. “I looked at a line from June 2019. And literally, 100% match to the information showing on my analytics on my dashboard,” said a twitch streamer.
The leaking of source code is a potential risk. It is easy to look for security vulnerabilities by reading the source code and exploiting them as per their needs.

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