Mobile applications by NASA – Explore the space with mobile

In this article, we’ve brought some extremely useful mobile applications developed by NASA. These apps can help you to explore everything about space and NASA technology. If you are curious to know about space and our solar system. And want to research more about NASA missions and researches. But it’s difficult for you to use browsers. So here NASA brings some extremely useful mobile applications for Android and iOS devices.

NASA research and missions bring us a huge mass of knowledge about space. If we say Apollo missions or the new Parker Solar Probe. These researches and missions are not just curiosity. They bring many technology revolutions in our daily life. Many of us love to explore more about space. We all know that internet is the best source to stay updated. But most of us want to easiest way possible to get the answers. For people who always want to stay updated about technology and space. NASA has offered some amazing apps for mobile. Where you can keep in touch with every service offered by NASA.

NASA best mobile Applications:

Let’s explore the space from our phone:

NASA official Mobile App:
NASA app
NASA app

If you need a handy and cool version of the NASA official website. Then NASA mobile app is a perfect choice for you. Here you can find all the content uploaded by NASA including researches, missions, pics, videos, e-books etc. The app is free of cost and available for iOS, Android, Apple TV, Kindle Fire, Fire TV and Roku. It can be downloaded from any app store you have.

Spacecraft AR:
Spacecraft AR
Spacecraft AR

Wanna see a live view of spacecraft? Here NASA brings the spacecraft to the users. NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory brings a very interesting app the Spacecraft Argumental Reality. This app uses the latest technology of AR (Argumental Reality) to bring a 3D virtual model of any robotic spacecraft. So the users can explore an interesting view of the surface where the spacecraft is landed.

NASA Spinoff:

The research and space technology by NASA brings many benefits to our world. The NASA Spinoff is a platform where one can find the technologies and products by NASA. Here you can find how NASA brings revolution to our technology. And what benefits we got from the space research. NASA offers the mobile version of which is available for iPads.



Ever wished to be at the launch pad of a NASA space mission? Worry not! NASA brings you an exciting experience where you can watch the live view of launch pads no matter where you are. NASA 3Dv is available for Android and iOS. You can download it from PlayStore and iTunes.