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WhatsApp bug deleting users’ chats – New WhatsApp Bug

The number one messaging service WhatsApp encounters a bug recently. WhatsApp received some complaints about this bug last month. They acknowledged the “WhatsApp bug” is deleting old messages. The company issued a statement after several users complained that many of their old messages got deleted on their own. The bug was first reported by WABeta info, the website that keeps a track of the upcoming WhatsApp features. The website shared a screenshot of a WhatsApp user complaining about the issue. Right after their tweet, many users commented and retweeted complaining about this issue. Users also mentioned WhatsApp removing the Google Drive backup support for old WhatsApp chats that were not backed up manually in November last year.

New WhatsApp bug deleting users’ chats:

In a post on Twitter, a user said that he has been facing the issue since June 2018. The user said; “I am facing the issue from June 2018. And I am losing very Important old messages. I sent too many emails to Whatsapp, now they stop responding me. I tried everything including reset phone, different WA version, Changing phone, but no use. Still not solved.”

WhatsApp bug
WhatsApp bug

The reason is not yet clear that caused this bug. A WhatsApp spokesperson states, “We are aware of this bug and are working on a fix for the users who have encountered this issue.”  WhatsApp announced in August 2018 that it will now automatically delete users’ data if it isn’t backed up on Google Drive manually during the last year. The deadline to manually backup on Google Drive was November 12. Along with this, WhatsApp had also announced that the backups will no longer count towards the Google Drive storage quota starting November 12. This means that Google now offers free storage for WhatsApp backup files on Google Drive.

Well, let’s see what WhatsApp can do about the bug. You can check your previous chats whether they exist or not. RIght now there is no solution or response offered by WhatsApp.