Saturday, October 23, 2021
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Hack N Code

Facebook Hacker Cup & Google Code Jam 2018 – An opportunity for Programmers and...

Competition gives you the chance to prove that you are the best. And I guess every internet user knows about the two tech giants. I mean Google and Facebook. If you are related to tech...

How i hacked a private website – A bad Experience

This is the story of how I hacked a private website and all I got a police threat instead of saying thanks for giving bounty or their vulnerability report. It was a hot day and...
password security

How can we secure our Login Process – Understanding authorized and unauthorized access

I guess every person on the internet knows about what is login? We use login processes multiple times a day. For example, I just logged into my website's admin panel to access my dashboard...
XSS-Attack (Cross site scripting)

pop-up XSS using open redirect

Cross-Site Scripting attacks are mostly used to inject malicious scripts to infect users, in short, we can also say it XSS. The attacker injects it in trusted websites, so the user ignores threats and...
YouTube TV

Free services for a whole week by YouTube TV

YouTube TV is offering the subscribers a free service for the whole week. YouTube says it an apology to our subscribers who have to suffer due to server outage during world cup match. The...

Fortnite Server goes down right after season 5 going live

Fortnite is a hot favorite game these days. The game won hearts with its amazing visuals and fantastic gameplay. Well, in my review Fortnite cannot beat PUBG but after PUBG if any game a...

Safety from Cyber Attacks – Steps that can reduce cyber threats

Cyber attacks are the biggest threat of the present time. Especially if you're running a business, you need to take care of your network security. According to a survey, a cyber attack takes place...
Tech revolution

5 Technologies being replaced by Smartphones

It is a universal fact that old is replaced by new and every new becomes old some day. This also happens when we talk about modern technology and older technology. Every new progress in...