Huawei Ark OS AKA HongMeng OS
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Ark OS on the way – Huawei HongMeng OS releasing soon
Huawei is all set to introduce their dragon to compete with Android. Ark OS AKA HongMeng OS is releasing soon.

We all know what happened to Huawei. How the US govt banned Huawei. Then, until the last reports, the government lifted the ban. If I repeat the beef between Huawei and the US govt, I don’t think it’d be a good idea. Because this is something every smartphone user knows of. So without wasting our […]

Arsalan Ash wins Takken 7 championship at EVO 2019

Pakistani Gamer Arsalan Ash wins ‘Takken 7’ championship at EVO 2019
Pakistani professional Takken player Arsalan Ash once again makes the country proud by becoming Takken 7 champion at EVO 2019

It’s a proud moment for every Pakistani and Pakistani gaming community. The champ roars once again to become Tekken 7 champion. Yes, I’m talking about Arsalan Ash. If you love Takken and King of fighters, you must know him. The guy has nailed it in both games. Arsalan Ash is a Pakistan gamer and professional […]

Connecting Domain to Web Hosting
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Using the Domain Name – Connect Domain to Web hosting
Here is how we can use a domain name and how to connect a domain to our web hosting

So if you’re following our web development series, you know what we’ve covered yet. If not, then let me give you a quick recap. We did an introduction to web development and learned about languages used in it. Then we explored how the internet works. Then we get started in a proper way. We already […]

PUBG Mobile Lite - Pic Credit:

PUBG Mobile Lite – Specs, Gameplay, and everything
PUBG finally introduces a lite version for low specification mobile devices. The game size is only 400MB.

Now, what’s your excuse to play PUBG on an emulator? After PUBG PC, PUBG mobile, we’ve PUBG PC lite and PUBG mobile lite. Player Unkown’s Battleground comes up with another sixer. It all started with PUBG PC game which became the highest-grossing game on Steam. After breaking so many records and getting unstoppable popularity. PUBG […]

Games releasing in August 2019

All multiplatform video games releasing in August 2019
Here is a list of all the multiplatform video games releasing in the month of August along with supported platforms and release dates.

So the August has started and gamers are ready for new games. As our tradition, we’re back once again with our list of games releasing this month. So like always, once again we have a list of all multiplatform games releasing in August 2019. If you’re a follower of our website since long, you must […]

Instagram for Content Creators

Instagram for content creators – Some awesome Instagram features
Best features by Instagram for content creators. Start producing content on Instagram and get fame and money

We’re all aware of Instagram as an app for socializing. Widely used for sharing photos and short videos, Instagram is now a popular platform. But do you know? Instagram is becoming the new hub of content creation. YouTube creators and bloggers are accepting this change happily. In today’s article, we’ll have a look at how […]

Best Freelance Marketplaces for Beginners
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Top 5 best freelance marketplaces – Which one is best for beginners?
Here goes the list of 5 most popular freelance marketplaces. Which marketplace is good for freshers and why?

In the current time where finding a job is not an easy thing to do. People have started looking for alternative ways of earning. Of course, money is important. You must earn to live a good and happy life. Freelancing is not a new profession. It’s been a source of earning for many years. But […]

WhatsApp on Multiple devices - WABetaInfo
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WABetaInfo confirms WhatsApp will work on multiple devices
WABetaInfo officially confirms the rumors about WhatsApp upcoming update. WhatsApp user will now be able to log in a single account on multiple devices.

Yeah, you read it right. It’s not a rumor anymore. WhatsApp will now work on multiple devices. The app will now allow users to log in with the same account of many devices. WABetaInfo officially confirms the rumors about this upcoming feature. There were rumors about WhatsApp to launch such a feature. And here it […]

Youtube updates 2019
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5 Useful YouTube updates 2019 – For creators and audience
5 updates by YouTube introduced in 2019 equally useful for content creators and normal users

YouTube being the most popular video platform always brings something new for its users. We continuously notice updates in YouTube algorithms. These updates help YouTube provide the best user experience to the community. These updates are not only useful for the normal audience but also for content creators. Latest updates help creators in interacting with […]

Web Hosting
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All about Web hosting – Choosing the best web hosting plan
Everything you need to know about web hosting and how to choose the best web hosting plan for your website

Before we discuss web hosting, let’s have a look at what we’ve covered so far. We started with an introduction to web development. Then we came to know about coding languages. Then we properly discussed how the internet works. An article was also about website security from bots and spams. Recently we learned about domain […]