Arsalan Ash wins Takken 7 championship at EVO 2019

Pakistani Gamer Arsalan Ash wins ‘Takken 7’ championship at EVO 2019
Pakistani professional Takken player Arsalan Ash once again makes the country proud by becoming Takken 7 champion at EVO 2019

It’s a proud moment for every Pakistani and Pakistani gaming community. The champ roars once again to become Tekken 7 champion. Yes, I’m talking about Arsalan Ash. If you love Takken and King of fighters, you must know him. The guy has nailed it in both games. Arsalan Ash is a Pakistan gamer and professional Takken player. The guy recently makes his country proud by winning Tekken 7 championship at EVO 2019. Let’s know some more about the champ and EVO 2019.

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Who is Arsalan Ash?

He is a Pakistani gamer. The guy is a professional Takken player for team Vslash Esports. The player started competing at the age of 11. He’s famous for his Kazumi play, and incredibly strong fundamentals. He firstly participated in regional competitions. But he got his fame after winning EVO Japan. Here are his previous achievements.

  1. Won OUG tournament 2018
  2. Ranked 1st at TGU x SEA Major Thailand 2019
  3. Won EVO Japan Takken championship 2019
  4. And The latest, EVO America Championship

Evolution Championship Series (EVO)

EVO is the largest fighting tournament in the world. The EVO Japan took place in February 2019. Arsalan Ash participated in it for the first time. And the guy despite being newest contestant won the championship. Then, he participated in EVO tournament at Las Vegas, Nevada. This tournament took place on August 2 to 4. Arsalan once again defended his title as Takken 7 champion.

Prize Money of EVO 2019

The winner got $13,575.3 for EVO Japan. And the prize money of EVO Las Vegas was $13,894.