Tuesday, November 29, 2022
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Ventures by Sprotechs

Projects and Contributions carried out by Sprotechs towards achieving the primary objectives of our mission.

Sprotechs R&D continuously keeps researching and working on tech gadgets and software solutions to solve unheard problems.

AI in Education:
Building a smart educational infrastructure with the help of Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning based solutions are the primary mission of Sprotechs to achieve our main objective of digitalizing education. Sprotechs team is working their best to introduce the latest tech, build AI solutions for academic needs.

AI in E-Commerce:
We are working to not only get our local businesses online but offer them smart AI-based solutions to make sure ease, accessibility, and comfort. Using AI will allow our businesses to solve their complex problems in more efficient and faster ways.

AI in cybersecurity is now becoming the new weapon of cybercriminals. Keeping that in focus, Sprotechs has started offering smart security solutions with AI integrations to give the potential victims of cybercrime an edge over the criminals. Our developers are building smart tech on demand for both defensive and offensive security needs.

The world is getting faster and efficient. What a human can do in 24hrs, a machine can do it in 24 mins with much more efficiency. By digitalizing the nation, we also mean digitalizing the individuals. Sprotechs builds automation tools, digital assistants integrated with machine learning algorithms to empower the simple tech with smartness.

Sprotechs Academy

Sprotechs Academy has been established to empower youth by providing Practical (In campus as well as Online) Training in Soft Skills, Technical Skills, and Freelancing. The training programs are Free for deserving students who prove their dedication in learning. At Sprotechs Academy, enthusiasts can learn:

In-Demand Technical Skills

Learn In-demand skills like Programming, Cybersecurity, Digital Marketing, and E-Commerce Development/Management.

Soft Skills

Improve your communication, self marketing, creativity, and other soft skills to work online efficiently.


Learn how to offer skills as services online, become independent, and earn money online.

Awareness Campaigns

Sprotechs consistently runs awareness campaigns to educate individuals about technology, its usage, skill development, empowerment, privacy, and information security.

Positive use of tech awareness

A major reason for not using technology is less knowledge about it. There's a perception in the society about technology: it's a bad thing and will spoil the future of the generation. Sprotechs is working to educate people about the importance and positive use of technology especially the internet. Team sprotechs actively keeps helping individuals towards digital literacy.

Internet safety awareness

For using the technology in a positive manner, one must also be aware of safety. Like our physical world, the digital world also has people with bad intentions. There are online frauds, scams, cyber-attacks, malware, and many other threats. Sprotechs constantly runs campaigns and awareness sessions about digital security and privacy. Our team educates individuals about how to be safe online, how to avoid and tackle privacy and security threats on personal and business security.

Fake news awareness

Being online also needs one to be responsible as well. In the modern era aka the information age, fake news is the biggest headache for everyone. Sprotechs consistently promotes the importance of the credibility of the information. The organization continuously runs awareness campaigns for fake news fighting, the impact of sharing news without confirmation, and ways to confirm the credibility of information.

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