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PUBG Mobile Lite – Specs, Gameplay, and everything

Now, what’s your excuse to play PUBG on an emulator? After PUBG PC, PUBG mobile, we’ve PUBG PC lite and PUBG mobile lite. Player Unkown’s Battleground comes up with another sixer. It all started with PUBG PC game which became the highest-grossing game on Steam. After breaking so many records and getting unstoppable popularity. PUBG decided to proceed with their next plan. They introduced PUBG mobile, a mobile version of this awesome game. Soon after release, PUBG mobile turned into an addiction.

But the developers didn’t stop here. Both PUBG PC and mobile were available for high-end devices. Systems with low specifications were not welcomed by the game. So to solve this issue, Tencent gaming introduced an emulator. This emulator allowed players to play PUBG mobile on PC. But now this headache and embarrassment are over. We finally have lite versions of the game for both Platforms. I’ve already discussed PUBG PC lite. Also, we’ve written an article about PUBG mobile on emulator. Now let’s talk about PUBG mobile lite.

PUBG Mobile Lite for low spec phones

This version of PUBG is ideal for android devices with low specifications. You can easily play this game on a device with 2GB RAM. Not everyone can afford flagship phones. I am one of them, I don’t want to spend money on a costly phone. Being a PC game lover, I never loved playing PUBG Mobile on PC. But now with the latest versions of the game, I’m afraid of being addicted to it. Here is what the lite game has to offer.

What PUBG Mobile Lite Offers?

Let’s do a postmortem of the game.


The graphics are good for low spec devices. They’re a little faded as compared to full version. But the reasons are obvious. It’s a bit similar to free fire and other PUBG alternative games.


The resolution is also reduced to provide smooth play. If you play the game on a good spec phone, you’ll understand the difference. But for lower-end phones, it’s very good.


Somehow there is only Erangel map in the game. The map is not full-sized. It’s been compressed. 

Whats’s New?

  1. They’ve added an alert when there is a drop is deployed.
  2. Locations on the map have different names.
  3. Weapon recoil is reduced.
  4. You’re dressed up since the very beginning
  5. The gaming experience has been improved

What devices can run this game?

The size of this new version is only 468 MB. They’ve used Unreal Engine 4 in the development of this game. I’ve added a demo to Unreal Engine 4 which will help you understand it better. This game can be played easily on a device with low specs. A device with 2GB RAM and 8GB storage can easily run this game.


This game is not only worthy but also a must-play game for mobile. If you’re a PUBG addict but can’t afford a costly phone, download it right now.

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