PUBG story mode coming soon – PUBG story-based game
Head of PUBG’s new game development studio “Striking Distance” Glen Schofield says he’s working on a PUBG Story-based game.

PUBG Story Mode
PUBG Story Mode

Player Unkown’s Battleground aka PUBG is the most popular game right now. If you’ve clicked on this article, obviously you’re a PUBG lover. Or you must know about PUBG game. There is no storyline in the game right now. The players just on a map and fight for survival. The last man standing wins the chicken dinner. But what if this most addictive game gets a story mode? What if you’ve to follow a story while playing the game? Isn’t it interesting? Well, this is going to happen soon. We’re gonna see a PUBG story mode soon.

PUBG Story mode – New game or Update?

The PUBG corp recently announced their new game development studio. The new studio “Striking Distance” will be headed by Glen Schofield. If you don’t know Schofield lemme present a small intro. Have you played “Dead Space” survival horror game? What about Call of duty: Advance warfare? Or Call of duty: Modern Warfare 3 or WWII? I’m sure most of the readers must have played at least one of these games. It was Glen Schofield’s creativity behind them. He’s the ex-vice president of Visceral Games and co-founder of Sledgehammer.

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PUBG Corp recently announced Glen Schofield as a CEO of “Striking Distance”.

On his Twitter handle, Schofield unveiled his upcoming project. He tweeted:

Not a Sequal” then what?

This statement clearly says that he’s not working on a sequel to PUBG. There are more chances of a new game under PUBG corp. As per reports, PUBG corp and Striking Distance have plans to expand PUBG universe. The chances are bright to see different games under PUBG’s banner. But no other details are announced yet.

Well, personally I’d love to see a game mode instead of a separate game. Also, we’ve to wait for more details. It won’t take a week or two. It can take time. Because the development team has to work on the idea. They need to prepare a storyline. So let’s wait for an exciting new PUBG story based game.


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