Russian preparing cyber attack

Russian Hackers targeting Ukraine – Cyber attacks alert

Russian hackers are continuously attacking Ukrainian Companies with different malicious software including backdoors. The hackers are mostly targeting energy infrastructures like energy grids, also they are targeting banks. After such attacks, Ukrainian cyber police Serhiy Demedyuk said, that Ukrainian cybersecurity researchers are working with foreign authorities to identify hackers. A virus hit Ukraine in June 2017, which take down many government agencies and businesses before spreading to corporate around the globe. which cause billions of dollars losses to affected companies.

Russian Hackers Preparing Massive Cyber Attack Against Ukraine
Russian Hackers Preparing Massive Cyber Attack Against Ukraine

After Malware analysis of malicious software which was identified and separated into different files. They found targeted networks before activating. The Analysis of malicious software identified that the attack was supposed to be done on a specific day. Cybersecurity specialists have accused that Russia of orchestrating is performing large scale of cyber attacks as a hybrid war against Ukraine. According to Mr. Demedyuk, the current scale of the campaign is the same as NotPetya. This is going to be on a government level, and it is damn costly and very synchronized. It would be impossible without the help of government.