Safety from Cyber Attacks – Steps that can reduce cyber threats

Cyber attacks are the biggest threat of the present time. Especially if you’re running a business, you need to take care of your network security. According to a survey, a cyber attack takes place in any part of the world every 3 seconds. Another survey report says that 59% of the data breaches happen due to owner’s carelessness about his security. Big organizations¬†hire good security experts to look after their information security. But if you’re running a small firm, you really need to care about your security. Because small companies are a favorite target of cybercriminals. As they think it’s easy to breach a small firm.

In this article, we are going to discuss some ways to prevent cyber attack vulnerabilities. Before talking about these security solutions. Let me clear one thing first. As we all know that nothing is completely secure. Every new security comes with new vulnerabilities. So you cannot be 100% safe from cyber attacks. But by taking some security measures, you can reduce the possibilities. If one doesn’t take information security measures seriously. He certainly becomes an easy target of a cybercriminal. But by following these instructions you won’t be a piece of cake for Hackers unless they find out zero-day or a unique way to exploit your systems. So here are some security measures that every business owner should follow:

  • Safety on using Public WiFi:

It has been noticed that many workers use to work on Public WiFi in public places. A public WiFi network is every hackers favorite environment to live in. So while accessing a firm’s internal data on a public wifi can be very risky. For this purpose, a Good quality VPN should be used by the workers who work remotely. A VPN connection encrypts the data transfer and prohibits a hacker from stealing or peeking into your company’s data.

  • Password Strength:

The first thing that protects unauthorized access to your systems is your password. A weak password is the biggest security risk to any security. If a company uses very casual and weak passwords for their system access. For example passwords like date of births, names related to the firm, some common keywords related to the firm or the owner, dictionary words etc. These passwords are very easy to crack. So the firm must ensure to use strong passwords. And also login credentials must not be disclosed in any public place or in front of someone who’s not connected to the firm.

  • A healthy Password:

A strong password can be generated by keeping some key points in mind.

  1. A good password contains at least 8 to 13 characters.
  2. A healthy password must have Upper case and Lower case letters combination
  3. A strong password also has numeric characters.
  4. And a very strong password also contains special characters and symbols.
  5. For example, a strong password can be like, (%Spr0t3chS%).
  • Think before click:

This one is known to most of us now. But still, I’m adding it to the list because it is still the most used attack. If a Phishing attack is carried out with good social engineering and excellent cover and presentation. It can be the most lethal attack. So make sure no worker visits any source without proper confirmation. While talking about the click, phishing is not the only thing done through these sources. It can be a dangerous malware also. If some good social engineering is used, you could tend to click and download the malware to your systems.

  • Cautions while sharing information through social networks:

Be careful while sharing your firm’s information through social networks. Especially, while interacting with clients or those who want information about your firm. Cybercriminals can use your provided information to gain access.

  • Limit workers’ access:

Limit the permissions of your employees to access the company’s data. Workers should be allowed to access only concerned profiles. For this purpose, make moderator or management user access for workers. The administration access must be in the owner’s hand.

  • Keep track of workers:

Stay alert and keep track of all employees. Keep an eye on workers’ authority and logs. Especially, keep mapping the activities of the workers who can get remote access to the company’s servers. And can modify authorities of any other worker.

  • Reporting small mistakes:

Make sure the employees should report a small mistake made by them. Don’t degrade the workers on small mistakes. It leads them to hide their mistakes. Which tends to a loophole in the security.

  • Second Factor Authentication:

Two-factor authentication is a good way to secure your login access. Use the second factor for login authentication.

  • Keep workers up to date:

Make sure your employees have up to date knowledge about information security. You can hold a training program for this purpose.

  • Check your systems for vulnerability assessments:

It’s a good idea to check your security once in a month or set a specific period of testing your systems.


So, that was the list. Remember you can prevent many cyber attacks by following security measures. Being careful is a good habit.

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