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When will Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release? Here is the launch date
Samsung galaxy note 10 is coming in August 2019. But now we have got the launch date also.

There were various reports about the release date of the new Samsung Galaxy Note 10. But until now all we knew was the month of release. Let me tell you a fun fact about the release date. If you’ve Googled the release date of Note 10. You must have noticed this. But if you’ve not searched it yet. I’d suggest you search this keyword in Google: “When will Samsung Galaxy Note 10 be released.” You’ll find an interesting date of release. Google says “August 2012″

Google Screenshot
Google Screenshot

Well, that was for fun. But the question remains.

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When will Samsung Galaxy Note 10 release?

Google is mistaken for sure. But we also got a confirmed month. As we know there was no Note 10 in 2012. But according to reports, Samsung is launching Note 10 in August. But when in August? Until now we only knew the month. But now we’ve got a date of release. According to people familiar with tech giant’s plans. The new Samsung Galaxy Note 10 will release on 7th August 2019.

The launch event will be held in New York. Event is held in Barclays Center. If you’ve attended Note 9 launch. You’ll be familiar with this place. It is the same place where Note 9 was launched.