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Storm Area 51 – 2 million people raiding Area 51 to rescue aliens
A Facebook event is taking the internet by storm where almost 2 million people are going to raid Area 51

Aliens! We’re coming to rescue you. Before you leave this page thinking I am stupid. Let me tell you, 2 million volunteers are ready for this rescue mission. Most of our readers must know about area 51. Actually, Area 51 is a US military’s highly classified facility. But it’s believed by many people that this place is somehow connected to aliens. Some people believe US military contacts aliens from this base. A group of people believes that there are aliens in Area 51. And the US military does experiments on them. Well, that’s a separate discussion.

Storm Area 51 – They can’t stop all of us

Recently a Facebook event post takes the internet by storm. Someone on facebook started a prank event called ‘Storm area 51, They Can’t Stop All of Us’. A sensible person would take it as a joke. Because it sounds ridiculous. The intention was nothing except fun because the account is named; “Shitposting cause im in shambles”. But here is the surprise. About 2 million people responded to the event.

The time when I checked the event it has almost 2 million engagements. 1 million people are going to the event. And further 894k people are interested in it. This sounds hilarious. Because Area 51 is a restricted area. The security also has the permission to shoot down anybody who tries to break into in. But wait!!! Our genius host has a solution for gunshots also. The event says: ‘If we naruto run, we can move faster than their bullets’.

Memes on Area 51

The event is scheduled for 20 September 2019. Let’s see what’s gonna happen. But our very own meme community got a new topic. Memers have started making memes about Storm Area 51. Here are some interesting memes I found on social media.

People on Twitter are also participating in this meme race. Hashtags related to Area 51 are trending worldwide. You can find some really entertaining tweets on these hashtags. Here are some fun tweets I found.