Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Our Team

The Core

Founding Members, Board of Directors, and C-Level Executives of Sprotechs Inc.

The Staff

Talented and innovative professionals associated with Sprotechs Inc. offering skills.

The Contributors

Sprotechs community of learners, researchers, contributors, and people with passion.

Our Core Team

The core team consists of board of directors and C-Level executives. Sprotechs Core comprises of founding members of the organization.

Salman Arif Khan

Salman Arif Khan

Chief Executive Officer

Salman is the chief executives officer and chairman board of directors of Sprotechs. By profession Salman is a security researcher, a bug hunter, and security developer. He is one of the founding members of Sprotechs. Salman has been working as a Freelance security researcher and security developer since 2017. He started his career as a security researcher and writer. Later with dive into the bug hunting, he also started developing his own security solutions e.g. scanning and assessment tools. At Sprotechs, Arif is the team leader and administrative incharge. He heads the creative department of the Sprotechs Inc.

Shehriar Ahmad Awan

Shehriar Ahmad Awan

Chief Operations Officer

Shehriar is a freelance writer, marketer, security analyst, and web developer. At Sprotechs, Shehriar Ahmad Awan is the Chief operating officer and head of marketing department. Shehriar started his professional career as a security researcher and writer with salman khan. Later he switched his field to content creation and marketing. Shehriar Ahmad Awan is a freelance Web Developer, Digital marketer, and writer since 2017. At Sprotechs, he heads the marketing and Human Resources as well as performs duties of the Project Manager.

Ijaz Ur Rahim

Ijaz Ur Rahim

Chief Tech Officer

Ijaz is a full stack programmer and security researcher. He started his career back in 2014 as a security researcher, then devoted himself to programming. Ijaz is working as a freelance developer and data scientist, expert in automation and data analysis. He joined Sprotechs in 2018 as a researcher and became one of the board members and Chief Technology Officer in 2020. Ijaz heads the R&D department at Sprotechs.

Muhammad Ibrahim Sheikh

Muhammad Ibrahim

Chief Finance Officer

Muhammad Ibrahim Sheikh started his professional career with Salman Khan and Shehriar Ahmad in 2016 as a security researcher. He is one of founding members of Sprotechs. By profession Ibrahim is a freelance marketer and e-commerce developer. At Sprotechs, Ibrahim performs duties of the Chief Finance Officer. He heads the sales and accounts department at Sprotechs Inc.


Our Staff

Sprotechs Staff consists of members highly talented multi skilled and experienced professionals working in supervision of Sprotechs Core Team. The staff members are divided into 2 departments only; the Sprotechs InfoSec and Sprotechs IT Solutions. Staff members comprise skilled developers, penetration testers, digital marketers, graphic designers, writers, and people with other technical skills. Having experience in cybersecurity is compulsory for becoming a team member.


Sprotechs Contributors are the members of Sprotechs community actively participating in events and activities organized by the Sprotechs. The contributors include interns, trainees/alumni of training programs, fellow researchers, members of Sprotechs Social Media communities, and everyone who’s not a member but attached to the organization and contributing to the cause. To join the contributors program, you just need to send a message via contact form on our contact page.