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Top 5 awesome video editing software for Mac 2019
5 Ideal software for editing videos on Mac 2019 edition

For creative professionals, Mac has been a preferred choice since long. In this series, we’re covering best video editing software. We’ve talked about Windows, Android, and iOS. Then how can we forget Mac? So here we go with the top 5 video editing software for Mac 2019 edition. I’ll include several open source software also. I’ve used some of them. Others are based on power users’ opinion. Let get started!

5 Awesome Video Editing Software for Mac 2019

iMovies – Apple’s Video Editing Software

Whether it’s iOS or Mac, iMovies always remains on top. Hence we’ve discussed iMovies in the previous article. Apple iMovies will give Hollywood touch to your videos. It comes with 29 movie trailer templates. Many other professional features. Supports 4k resolution editing. What else you need.

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Lightworks for Mac

We also discussed Lightworks in Windows edition. Lightworks is a professional open source video editor. Being open source, Lightworks is available free of cost. Its user interface is a bit complicated. But once you understand it. Lightworks will be all in one video editing solution for you.

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DaVinci Resolve

Professional 8k editing, color correction, visual effects, post-production. All these in a single software. DaVinci Resolve is a non-linear professional video editing software. It’s available for Mac, Windows, and Linux. It supports multi-user collaboration. This feature makes it the best solution for teamwork. Editors, sound designer, VFX artists, etc can work on the same project.

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Adobe Premiere Pro

Whether it’s Windows or Mac, Adobe is everywhere. Premiere Pro is a better solution for individual creators. Adobe premiere pro offers a bunch of creative tools, integration with Adobe services. It has the support of Adobe Rush and Adobe Sensei. It’s a good solution for filmmakers, YouTubers, videographers.

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A cross-platform video editor best for YouTubers. OpenShot is an open source video editor with simple UI. The damn easy to use interface is ideal for beginners. OpenShot is available for Mac, Linux, and Windows. It supports all the basic video editing features. Not only those but also animations and effects. 3D animations, slow motions & time frame are also found in OpenShot.

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