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Top 5 Best Guns of PUBG – Player Unkown’s Battle Ground Gears review

As we know that Pubg is the most played game of 2018. Pubg mobile features a 100 players battle royale on a small island. Players have to collect weapons, gears, and all the stuff for battle. The last man standing wins a chicken dinner. Today we will show u the top 5 most powerful weapons of PUBG. So here are best guns of PUBG.

Top 5 Best Guns Of PUBG:


Vector SMG
Vector SMG

The Vector is the most powerful gun of Pubg mobile. It seems useless on the first sight when u see the less ammo amount of 13 but it has the highest damage compared to other guns in the game. Vector is the best of them all because it is really stable from all of the other guns. If u use a compensator it makes it more stable with whom u can use a 6x scope easily with less recoil and that’s the reason why vector is the best. Some people say Uzi is the most dangerous gun of the Pubg but if u compare vector and Uzi. Then vector has more damage and is the fastest gun of game.

2.Uzi (SMG):


Uzi is on the second number in the list because Uzi has also really high damage as compared to other guns. It is also the fastest of them all except vector. Well, it also seems useless but if u master the use of Uzi u will know the real power of Uzi. If u use a microstock with it, it makes the gun more stable but on the other side, u cant use a scope in Uzi. So just use an assault rifle for scoping whenever u use an Uzi.

3.AWM (Sniper):


If u are a sniper lover then AWM is the best sniper of the whole Pubg game. It can knock a person using a level 3 helmet with just a single shot. U can’t get AWM like the other weapons on the ground because it is the most powerful sniper. If u want to get an AWM then u will have to open some air drops.

4.M416(Assault Rifle):


In assault rifles of the game, M416 is the best assault rifle of all because it is the most stable assault rifle. That deals a lot of damage. If u use half grip attachment with it, it becomes more stable. With whom u can easily kill an enemy that is far away from u.

5.Groza(Assault Rifle):

PUBG – Groza

Groza is mostly called a beast because it is the highest damage dealing assault rifle of the game but on the other side, u can’t use it with a scope because it is very unstable the best-used scope with Groza is the red dot. U can’t get Groza like the other guns on the ground u will have to search for the airdrops and open some airdrops if u wanna get that beast.

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