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Top 5 best video editors for iPhones 2019
Wanna edit your videos on iPhone? Here are the best video editing applications for iOS in 2019

We’ve so far written about video editors on Windows/MacOS and Android devices. Here is the third edition of this series. While talking about smartphones, we can not miss iPhones. So here we go towards our list of 5 best video editors for iPhone. This list is based on power user reviews and personal research. As I am not an iPhone user. If you found any application missing, you can comment it down. Here we go.

Top 5 best video editors for iPhones



While taking reviews from power users. I found most of them obsessed with iMovies. And after checking the features, I agree with them. iMovies is no doubt the best video editor for iPhone, iOS, and Mac. It’s also available for MacOS. We’ll further discuss it in Mac Edtion of this series. This awesome application allows you to create Hollywood style videos.

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If you like automated video creation, there can be no better choice than Quik. It’s the perfect solution for creating videos. Just put your video clips, pictures, and other media. Now choose the theme and That’s it. Now, wait for Quik’s magic to happen. It’ll create awesome videos with smart effects. You can customize the video according to will. It supports all the basic video editing features along with other cool features.

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Want some perfect videos for your social media? Here you go. Magisto is the perfect editor for videos you wanna post on social media. It’s a smart Videomaker and Video editor. Magisto was chosen as the number 1 app by Customer reports. It’s best for those who don’t have any video editing skills. Magisto is also available for Android. It also has a web version. You can also make and edit videos online.

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Filmmaker Pro

Are you a content creator? The applications above don’t satisfy your need? Here we have Filmmaker Pro. The app comes with 4K video support and multiple professional features. It’s perfect for content creators. Filmmaker Pro has its own audio library with In-App purchase. Not only audio but it also gives you illustrations and stickers in the library.

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Adobe Premiere Clip iOS

We’ve mentioned Adobe Premiere multiple times. It was discussed in the Windows and Android edition of this series. That’s the variety of Adobe. You can also get a version of Adobe Premiere Clip for iOS. It’s a free and professional video editor. Premiere clip includes every feature a professional editor needs.

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