Top 5 best Web Browsers – Most used Browsers in 2018

Best Web browsers 2018
Best Web browsers 2018

When it comes to digital or more simply internet world. Surfing on the internet is one of the key factors. Web browsers work as the most important medium to connect to the World Wide Web. The right web browser can make a huge difference in your browsing experiences. Choosing a right, safe and the fastest web browser is really difficult at this time. It’s because there are hundreds of options on the internet. But let’s not get into the discussion of what’s or vice versa. Once we discussed the fastest internet. Here I have prepared a list of top 5 web browsers. This list is based on most used browsers worldwide. I have chosen the best 5 on basis of their market share. The usage percentage includes both PC and Mobile phone usage.

Top 5 Best Web Browsers

1: Google Chrome:



Google Chrome is the best and the most used web browser currently. It was developed by Google LLC. It was first released on 2nd September 2008 for Microsoft Windows. However, now it’s available for Linux, mac os, ios, and Android also. Chrome is used by 63.14% among PC/Laptop users. And on Mobile devices, it’s loved by 62.94% mobile phone users worldwide. These are the highest figures scored which make Chrome the best browser.

2: Internet Explorer:

It must be shocking for you to see Internet Explorer in 2nd place. Because it’s considered as the most useless browser. We often use Internet Explorer to download other browsers. But still, this legendary web browser is used by 11.43% PC/Laptop users. Which are of course using Windows. Internet Explorer 11 is the most used version right now. It was developed by Microsoft only for windows, so it can’t be used for Android smartphones.

3: Mozilla Firefox:



Mozilla Firefox was developed by the Mozilla foundation. Mozilla Firefox is available for Windows, mac os, and for many others. It has an Android version also for Android phones known as firefox for android. Its usage grew to a peak of 32 at the end of 2009. Right now it scores 10.23% on PC/Laptop usage charts. On smartphones, it scores only 1.11% which is even lower than the Android browser. The UC Browser holds the 3rd position on smartphones with 2.19% market share.

4: Microsoft Edge:

Microsoft Edge is a graphical web browser developed by Microsoft and it is included only in Windows 10, Windows 10 mobile and Xbox one. It is replaced with internet explorer in all of the above devices because it has been improved and is better than internet explorer. But still, it doesn’t beat Internet Explorer in usage. It holds only 4.34% market share because it’s only available for Windows 10. On smartphones, Baidu holds 4th rank with only 2% usage worldwide.

5: Safari:

The famous Safari web browser is developed by Apple only for IoS. Safari is built-in in ios phones but if you wanna use safari in android phones you will have to download it manually. Safari holds 3.83% market share on Desktops. While it is the second most used browser for smartphones with 26.53% usage.

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