Top 5 web security testing tools
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Top 5 best Web Security testing tools 2019
Best automated tools for developers and security testers to test security issues in web applications

With increase is cyber attacks, the biggest worry for every developer is security. And that’s the reason web security testing tools exist. Web applications are one of the favorite targets of cybercriminals. From individuals to business firms, security threats are everywhere. There is a saying that

Nothing is 100% secure

But security professionals try to secure the products for known vulnerabilities. Still, 90% of cyber attacks happen due to these known loopholes left by the developers. So it’s important to fix these security issues. Here are the top 5 best web security testing tools for both security testers and developers as well.

5 Best web security testing tools 2019


Netsparker is a web application vulnerabilities scanning tool. It’s easy to use web app scanner. The Netsparker can automatically scan vulnerabilities. Some honorable mentions are SQL injection, XSS, CSRF, and others. The tool has dead accurate scanner along with proof base scanning technology. As well as the scanner is able to detect URL rewrite rules and 404 error page. It has the ability to scan up to 1000 web applications within 24 hours.

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If you need a tool that continuously keeps looking for bugs in web applications. Probely is the best solution for you. It is a web application vulnerabilities scanner that continuously scans web apps. It keeps finding security bugs. Not only this but it also provides guides to solve these issues. The tools can scan various known vulnerabilities like SQL injection, XSS and other OWASP Top 10. It also includes an updated database of Joomla and WordPress vulnerabilities. It’s an API based tool. One can use its features via API. You can get assistance from unlimited team members and generate reports in PDF.

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It is another great security testing tool, especially for web applications. Wallarm is an automated tool with machine learning integrated to DevOps workflows. It is used to test web apps, APIs and microservices. The Wallarm provides an automated WAF that works with public, private or hybrid cloud technologies. It’s an active security tool for developers. The AI-engines learn the patterns and identify weaknesses in the application. It helps the developer to improve the code and make the application secure.

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The Savvius is especially known for network penetration testing. It can be useful in network security diagnosis and risk management. Savvius automates the required data capturing in a network. It’s a full packet of deep analysis and network security investigations. The Savvius is an easy to use software for network forensics and integrated appliance solutions.

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HP WebInspect

Another awesome tool for dynamic application security testing. WebInspect provides a complete dynamic analysis of complex web applications and services.  It’s a great tool for developers to find out vulnerabilities in their web applications. It provides centralized program management. The tool provides simultaneous crawl, professional level testing for novice pentesters also.

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Best Security Testing Tools 2019
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Best Security Testing Tools 2019
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