Tor Browser: Pros and Cons of the Tor Browser Mobile App

Tor Browser app review
Tor Browser app review

Tor Browser is a browser that provides privacy and anonymity on the internet. Tor stands for “The Onion Router,” making it difficult to trace your activities back to you. There are many benefits of using Tor. But there are some drawbacks as well – this article will cover the pros and cons in detail.

How does Tor Browser Works?

The Tor Browser works by bouncing your internet request around a network of relays, making it difficult for anyone to trace that activity back to you. There are two types of requests: “direct” and “relay.” Direct connections connect directly from the web server where the website is hosted, while relay connections bounce off other servers before reaching their destination.

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Why People Use Tor Browser?

There are many reasons people use Tor Browser:

To surf the web more securely and privately. For example, you can mask your location to bypass censorship or geo-blocks that restrict content in certain countries. You can also visit websites anonymously instead of providing proof. Such as cookies which could be used for tracking purposes by advertisers and other entities.

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Provides privacy and anonymity when surfing the web. This means you cannot be tracked or traced by your ISP, governments, hackers, or other entities that try to spy on users.


The Tor browser can significantly slow down your internet connection since it bounces around, so many relays to complete its tasks. This could negatively impact streaming videos and download speeds and make sites load slower than normal speed. Your data usage will increase. Because every request must bounce off multiple new servers before reaching its destination, which increases bandwidth (this is true with any VPN). Sites may not work properly if they block connections from TOR IP addresses. For example

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