Ukhano releases a statement on sexual harassment allegations

Umar Khan aka Ukhano is a very famous social media influencer and Vlogger. He’s one of the well-known YouTubers of Pakistan. Ukhano is mostly known for his interesting vlogs. Recently he got more popularity due to his podcast called “You Talk Show.” Ukhano was recently accused of sexual harassment. And now the YouTuber has come up with his official statement. Before we discuss his statement, let’s highlight the story a little bit.

Allegations of sexual harassment against Ukhano

About a week ago, a female account accused Ukhano of harassing her. After that, several other ladies came up with similar allegations. He was accused of sending inappropriate messages to ladies. Also demanding sexual favors and bold pictures. Not few but almost 50 accounts came up with similar statements on social media. Within hours the YouTuber started getting tons of hate. Everyone on social media started bashing him badly.

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Pakistani 🇵🇰 Youtuber also known as ukhano has been accused for harassment, #Sexting and even #Rape attempt by many girls on different social media forums. Last week a girl posted screen shots of UKhano's follow request on Instagram and his msgs in which he asked her to show her pictures, then another girl also posted screen shots of Ukhano's Instagram DM msgs in which he was asking for her #Bold pictures in another post in which a girl accused him for harassment a girl commented on that post and claimed Ukhano tried to rape her. A girl claimed Ukhano #Invites her in a hotel room for Bold photo shoot. These allegations came from different different girls and after these allegations Ukhano gas released a clarification Video statement Denying all the allegations but #Accepts that he worked with one of the girls and it was only work nothing else. He also claims he has visual proof of other girl but he doesn't want to ruined her life by exposing her on social media ( #Swipe Right to Read all the Allegations ) What is your take on this whole scenario ? Let us know in the comments. #umarkhan #ukhano #harrasment #sexting Follow : @dekhlonews to stay Updated with the Latest Breaking News 🌍 #dekhlo #dekhlonews #dekhlostories

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The response of the Pakistani YouTube Community

Many famous Pakistani YouTubers responded with their opinion. Some of them supported the victims. Raza Samo of Khujlee family also shared a story of her friend. But later the YouTuber deleted his Instagram stories saying he must have listened to both sides of the story. Sana’s Bucket and Mr. Noman Aleem also made videos about the incident. Saad Ur Rehman aka Ducky Bhai, Mooroo, Irfan Junejo also shared their opinion.

Ukhano’s Statement about harassment allegation

Firstly the YouTuber shared a 1 min Instagram story. He told his part of the story. But people didn’t seem satisfied. So now finally, he came with a dedicated video. He explained his side of the story. You can watch his complete video we’re mentioning the key points.

The YouTuber accepted that some of these screenshots were real. The ones that show mutual consent and two-way conversation. These were private chats which were leaked by the second party. And the second party hide her replies to prove Ukhano guilty. All the other screenshots were fake and were meant to put false allegations. “I’ve filed a complaint against all these accounts, the accusers must apologize publicly,” he added.

Well, that’s a pretty good step by the YouTuber to follow the case legally. We have no right to defame someone until he’s proved guilty.