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Understanding the concept of Login and Access

If you remember a previous post about understanding the authorized and unauthorized access. That post encouraged us to bring learning and knowledge-based writeups for you. We have decided to bring a complete series of Understanding the basic concepts of Ethical Hacking, Information security, web development, programming etc. So from now, our visitors will get a daily update about any of these topics. Here is the first post of this series about the concept of Login and Access.

Understanding the concept of login and access:

To understand this concept, let’s begin with a simple example. Most of the viewers must have some social media accounts. It can be Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc. Almost every social media account requires a login. If the question arises that what about WhatsApp? so for WhatsApp, you also need to register your number. Getting back to our topic. To access any social media, we need to make an account. For this, we sign up on that social media platform. While sign up, the platform asks for some information to be provided to identify you. Like in the case of social media, we provide our email, name, birthday, place to live etc. In case of Email, we provide the same except the email itself.

understanding login
understanding login

Now if only this was enough to gain access, it would be a piece of cake to anyone, just put our name and access our accounts. So to secure this access, passwords are used. We set up a unique password. That is the key to our account. It’s like we bought a property. Consider the signup information as a furniture and valuables we shifted to that property. Now if want to secure our property. We lock the doors. To unlock the door, obviously, we need a key. In case of login, the key is your password. It prevents others to use our belongings without our permission. Our information and password are saved in the database of that platform. We will discuss it a bit later that how this information is saved.

Login and Access:

So the next time, I need to access my account, I need to tell the server that who am I? I’ll enter my name, email, or username and what’s my key to the entrance. If you’ve booked a room in any hotel, it’s the same like that. You tell at a reception that what’s your / your room identity. And then to unlock our access we enter the key which is the password we set.

In that case, we gain access to our account. This process is called login, and the result of the login is called access. The information we provide to log in and gain access that is our username/email and password. This information is called login credentials.