WABetaInfo confirms WhatsApp will work on multiple devices

WhatsApp on Multiple devices - WABetaInfo
WhatsApp on Multiple devices - WABetaInfo

Yeah, you read it right. It’s not a rumor anymore. WhatsApp will now work on multiple devices. The app will now allow users to log in with the same account of many devices. WABetaInfo officially confirms the rumors about this upcoming feature. There were rumors about WhatsApp to launch such a feature. And here it comes. Finally, WhatsApp’s beta information blog and twitter handle confirm the rumors.

WhatsApp to work on multiple devices – WABetaInfo

Previously the most popular messaging app supported 1 login session at a time. To use WhatsApp on a different device, the user must logout the previous session. You can use WhatsApp web feature. But this feature requires an internet connection in the devices where WhatsApp is logged in. There were rumors about a WhatsApp update to change this feature. And finally, the rumors become truth. WhatsApp users will soon see this feature rolling out.

Currently, this feature is in the testing phase. If all goes well, we’ll soon see this update in WhatsApp. The new update will allow users to use one account on multiple devices. Currently, if you try to do so, you’ve to use WhatsApp Web. Which needs an active internet connection on your phone. But this feature will allow users to use WhatsApp on any device. Even if your mobile has no internet connection.

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How will it work?

The feature will work using the UWP app. The users will be using the Universal Windows Platform to run their WhatsApp on PC. No need to keep your phone connected to the internet. WhatsApp will also improve its end-to-end encryption. Because more devices can cause issues in encryption. Well, this must cause some security issues. Because login on the authorized app was one of the key security factors on the platform. But let’s see what happens and how WhatsApp is going to solve security issues.

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