Whatsapp Linked Devices Feature in its Final Stages

Whatsapp linked Devices feature

Finally, the most awaiting and wanting feature  WhatsApp linked devices, is on way to the final stages of development.

This new feature Whatsapp linked devices will allow the WhatsApp users to access their WhatsApp accounts at four different devices at the same time.

What’s interesting about this latest update?

Interesting features of WhatsApp linked devices is that you don’t need to connect back to your WhatsApp account in the main cell phone just like the current WhatsApp Web feature, which requires an active session in the main phone.
So you can access WhatsApp even when your mobile phone is powered off.
But for the first time, you will definitely need the connection of the main WhatsApp account on your phone so as to log in with a QR code just like the WhatsApp Web.

WhatsApp is working so that once you are logged in all your device becomes automatically synced in and your featured messages are delivered to all the connected devices.

How would you use WhatsApp linked devices feature?

After updating the latest version it will be easy to link in your same WhatsApp account to different devices.
Here is how you can do it?
All that you will need to do is to click on the three dots in the upper-right section of the WhatsApp messenger.
After clicking on the three dots you will see a menu bar where there will be an option of linked devices.
From here you can link in other devices and as well you can clearly see the already linked devices. There is also a logout option given here so that you can easily log out of a session that you don’t need.
Just like the other features of WhatsApp, it’s easy to use and most wanted as well.

Some other latest features of WhatsApp

To enhance the user experience and improve its features WhatsApp always brings and adds new features regularly.
Recently Whatsapp has increased the video call limit from four to eight, during this pandemic to make its users get closer and besides this recent update, it also introduced a dark mode in WhatsApp and applied limitations to the forwarded to messages to make its users experience better.

The more enticing feature that the users rejoiced more was the addition of the animated sticker packs. It improved the messaging experience of the users with a lot more fun.

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This new WhatsApp feature of Linked devices will excite the two million users of WhatsApp even more due to its accessibility and connectivity

Are linked devices feature available in the play store?

This new update of WhatsApp linked devices is not yet available in the play store as it is still under development and testing under its latest beta version, so don’t rush and wait till the new update is available.

When it is going to be released?

There is no release date given for the launch of this latest WhatsApp update but soon WhatsApp will announce its release date to excite its users and improve its user experience.

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