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YouTube channel basics – Tips Before Starting a YouTube channel

Welcome to our YouTube creator guide series. In previous articles, we discussed some tips and tools for YouTube. But from now I’ll be sharing everything needed for a content creator in beginning. In this write-up, we’ll have a look at different factors we need to take care of while running a YouTube channel. So must read the complete article. Because if you don’t care about these things in the beginning, they’ll cause trouble later. But if you’ve got a proper understanding of these, you can grow faster. So without wasting further time, let’s get started.

Before Starting a YouTube channel

It is important to clear your concept about the following things before starting your channel. If you’ve got a proper understanding of what you’re doing. It’s easy to progress without getting much stress. On a platform like YouTube, it is not at all an easy job to grow overnight. By understanding and implementing these factors, you can do a proper audit of your work. Which results in growing faster. It’d be better if you perform the following steps before starting a YouTube Channel.

YouTube Channel Guide by Sprotechs
YouTube Channel Guide by Sprotechs

Selecting a Channel Type/Genre:

The very first step is to know what you’re doing. You need to have a clear idea of your niche. There are lots of Categories and Genres on YouTube. The first step is to select a Genre that matches your idea. It’s not that tough if you know what you want to do. Like if you can make people laugh and want to do it on YouTube. You can make a channel with Comedy Genre. All you’ve to do is specify your content and use keywords. (We’ll see how to add keywords and how to make a YouTube channel properly in future articles.)

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Understanding the Audience:

You’re on YouTube because you want people to watch your content. So it is extremely important to select your targeted audience. It is the basic rule and not so difficult to follow. Once you’ve decided your targeted audience. The next step is to understand their likes and dislikes. Make sure you know what your audience wants. You’ve to provide them their desired content with a unique touch.

Check competition:

Now you have got a niche and a targeted audience. Next step is to check competition in the specific genre. Obviously, you’re not alone in the field. There must be many others where some of them must be established in the genre. Decide your content on the basis of competition. Notice what’s missing in your competitor’s content. Notice good and bad things on other channels. And then bring something unique to grab the attention of the audience.

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This factor is extremely important to understand. Nothing is perfect until you point out the mistakes and fix them. It is important to know how your channel is performing. What works for you and what’s preventing your channel’s growth. Understanding the video and channel Analytics is really important for a YouTuber. It helps to see how your video is performing. Analytics can help you to see engagements of your video and overall channel. Engagements include Views, Subscribers, Comments, Likes, Playback locations, Annotations, Traffic source, Rentations, etc. It can help you to improve content quality.

Deal with haters:

There is a popular saying:

“You can’t please everyone.”

You can't please everyone
You can’t please everyone

In youtube, you must face some negative response on your content aka hater comments and backlash. I am not talking about the criticism and feedback that helps you to improve your content. Healthy and positive criticism is good for you. But some people approach with hate speech without any reason. There may have certain reasons. But you need to learn the art of ignorance. Ignore them and focus on those who like your content and point out your mistakes. No need to respond to haters. Because the majority of such are only attention seekers. To be successful you need to ignore haters and block their abusive comments. Just don’t react to them.